Regional Aspects of Family Planning and Fertility Behavior in Indonesia

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  • Country: Indonesia
  • # Pages: 75
  • Publication Year: 1981
  • Type of Media: Scientific Report


This paper discusses the recent decline in the population growth rate of Indonesia whch has been achieved at a relatively low level of income and socio-economic development. Evidence is presented of this decline which is largely attributed to the fall in the total fertility rate in Java-Bali. The much higher growth rate of population in the Outer Islands remains a matter of concern and the paper accordingly focuses on differences between Java-Bali and the Outer Islands. The paper reviews the history and organization of the family planning program in Indonesia, attempts to identify those factors which have been responsible for its success and to assess its prospects for the future. It then presents the results of a multivariate analysis, using data from the 1976 Intercensal Population Survey, which attempts to explain fertility behavior and family planning practice by socio-economic factors as well as the availability of family planning services.