2019 - Dov Chernichovsky

The study looks at the general hospitalization system in Israel and suggests that there are systemic failures in planning, budgeting, and regulation by the government especially in light of the increasing needs of Israel’s aging population.

The study gives an overall picture of the state of the Israeli Healthcare System in the year 2019.

The study deals with the regulation of the hospitalization system and government involvement in it. The researchers conclude that the deficiencies in the regulation and the over involvement of the State impact negatively on the efficient use of resources and their accessibility to the public.

Published May 7th, 2019 in Times of Israel. Israel’s health expenditure is way below its OECD peers’. This leaves Startup Nation lacking beds, doctors, nurses, MRIs and CT scanners — and looking to tech as a possible savior.


Published in Globes on May 9th 2019, this article discusses the need for the state to evaluate it's funding system to improve overall care in Israel. English translation to come shortly.

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